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FBI Director “very concerned” with smartphone encryption

With Apple, Google and other tech companies responding to users’ demands for privacy with further smartphone encryption options, not everyone is happy. FBI Director James Comey is “very concerned” about increased mobile OS encryption, according to TechSpot.

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Avast safeguards your teen’s smartphone

Teenagers are responsible for their smartphones. Help them keep it safe with a few easy additions.


Seven out of ten high schoolers take a smartphone to school. Not only are these phones being used for surfing the Internet or social networking, but they help kids navigate around campus, connect with teachers and other students, and follow streaming campus news. Many parents see equipping their teenager with a mobile phone as a safety tool and a way to keep in closer contact, especially if an emergency arises.

The first thing to do after buying your teenager a smartphone

Most kids are using a device with an Android operating system and no added security protection. The first thing you should do is to download a security app to protect the phone and data on it.

The newest version of avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus is out now, with a completely re-imagined user interface, making it simpler and even more user friendly than it was before. Avast! Mobile Security is free, and it will instantly begin protecting your child from downloading bad apps, protect against spyware and block malware, and backup contacts, SMS/call logs, and photos.

Install avast! Mobile Security and Antivirus from the Google Play store.



The second thing to do after buying your teenager a smartphone

High school students are busy people, with lots of activities, so it’s likely that your teen’s smartphone will be misplaced. Avast! Anti-theft is a stand-alone app that can be installed separately from avast! Mobile Security. You can use the phone locator features to find the lost or stolen phone, control it remotely, and lock it down.

Once you install avast! Mobile Security, you will be asked to set up the anti-theft module. You can read about that and the remote features you’ll have access to from your my.avast.com account in our avast! Mobile Security FAQs.

Install avast! Anti-Theft from the Google Play store.

Other things to do

  • Set up a password for the smartphone. This is easy to do and will serve as the first line of defense against nosy people and thieves.
  • Add important numbers to the contact list. Add your mobile number as well as a work line, grandparents, the school, and emergency contacts.
  • Know the school’s rules. If phone usage is prohibited during school hours or allowed only during breaks, that’s important information to know.
  • Talk to your kids about privacy. This includes a conversation about uploading photos and videos, sexting, and oversharing on social networks.

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Avast! Mobile Security gets award from AV Comparatives

AV Comparatives Aug2014AV Comparatives awarded avast! Mobile Security for its malware protection and highly developed theft-protection.

Most people would not dream of neglecting the security of their PCs or laptop, but those same folks forget that the device in their pocket is just as powerful, if not more so. You’ve heard it before –your expensive smartphone, which stores personal data, private photos, Internet banking information and even company data, is an attractive target for cybercrooks and thieves.

AV Comparatives, an independent organization which tests antivirus products and mobile security solutions, released new testing results and gave avast! Mobile Security the highest “Approved Award” for Android security products.

avast! Mobile Security has a wide range of features with innovative functionality. We particularly liked the wide range of configuration options and remote commands, which provide the user with a comprehensive remote control function,” wrote the authors of the final report.

AV Comparatives gives avast! Mobile Security it's Approved Award for mobile security and anti-theft features.

AV Comparatives gives avast! Mobile Security it’s Approved Award for mobile security and anti-theft features.

Malware protection

Mobile phones attacks are getting more and more sophisticated, and it is growing exponentially. “We now have more than 1 million malicious samples in our database, up from 100,000 in 2011,” said Avast’s CCO, Ondřej Vlček. “Mobile threats are increasing – we expect them to reach the same magnitude as PC malware by 2018.”

avast! Mobile Security scans all installed applications for malware and has various real-time protection shields which protect against

  • Malicious apps and phishing sites
  • Sites containing malware
  • Typo-squatting if an incorrect URL is entered
  • Incoming messages with phishing/malware URLs
  • Malicious behavior during read or write processes

Anti-theft protection

Avast! Anti-theft is a stand-alone app that can be installed separately from avast! Mobile Security. The app is hidden from view, and can be accessed remotely for functions such as lock, locate and wipe, redirection of calls, texts and call logs, etc.

In addition to the malware and anti-theft protection, AV Comparatives liked the standalone avast! Mobile Backup which enables personal data to be backed up to Google Drive.

The Backup, App Locker and Privacy Scan features, which were promised last year, have now been implemented and complete the program’s functionality. (avast! Mobile Security) is a very comprehensive security product with a wide range of configuration options.

Protect your Android smartphone and tablet with avast! Mobile Security and Antivirus from the Google Play store.

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Back-and-Forth With Google Led to Disclosure of Android Browser Flaw

The researcher who originally discovered the same-origin policy bypass in the Android browser said he reported the vulnerability to Google some time ago, but that the company’s Android security team said it was unable to reproduce the issue. Rafay Baloch said he first reported the vulnerability to Google on Aug. 13, informing the company’s Android […]

Leave your credit cards at home; Apple Pay lets you buy things with your phone

source: CNET.com

In the wake of the Target, and now Home Depot, security breaches, Apple Pay wants to provide a safer way to make a purchase.

Nestled in-between this week’s announcements of the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a new mobile payment system called Apple Pay. New iPhone and Apple Watch owners can leave their credit and debit cards at home because the devices come with a chip that lets them tap-to-pay at major retailers.

When you are in one of 220,000 participating stores, like McDonald’s, Walgreens, Disney, or Macy’s, you use the magic of near-field communication (NFC) to hold your phone by a terminal to pay. It also requires that you place your finger over a sensor to verify your fingerprint. The Apple Watch works the same way, without the added security of the fingerprint, and syncs to your iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, and iPhone 5s. The payment system will work with American Express, Mastercard, and Visa.

Sounds pretty good. But, Google Wallet, PayPal and other NFC systems have failed to really take off; will Apple give us a better way? I asked mobile malware analyst Filip Chytrý to share his thoughts about the security of Apple Pay.

Deborah: From a security perspective, what do you think about Apple Pay?

Filip: I have some concerns. Communications between your device or watch is through Bluetooth, and we have already seen many incidences of intercepted communication between two devices using a man-in-the-middle attack. Generally, anytime you use a pay system there is communication between the phone or watch over Bluetooth. This communication works over a much longer distance than NFC, so payment interception would be easier.

Deborah: I understand the convenience of paying with Apple Pay, but how is this more secure than paying with a credit card?

Filip: Apple says, that “Each transaction is authorized with a one-time unique number, and instead of using the security code from the back of your card, Apple Pay creates a “dynamic security code” to securely validate each transaction.“ It really depends on the type of encryption which is used, but I have to admit this sounds pretty cool, but who knows how long it’s going to take to decrypt this system.

Deborah: It has to be better than the magnetic stripe cards that are still widely used in the USA. Credit card companies have given their customers until 2015 to make the transition to EMV cards using smartchip technology. These cards are supposed to help increase security and reduce fraud. Isn’t that good enough?

Filip: Generally, Apple Pay sounds like it is better secured than the current magnetic stripe cards. NFC payments are just tags which can be easily copied, but magnetic stripes are even worse. A PIN number adds an extra layer which is good, but Apple Pay might provide an even better way in future.

Deborah: Other than the basic security concerns, what happens when your phone battery dies (this will happen to me when I am on a deserted rural highway and need to fill up with gas) or you spill your coffee on it before you can pay, or you break your finger and it’s in a cast?

Filip: Those are real world problems that can’t be solved by Apple. ;) But you’re an Android user, right? Didn’t you have a Nexus 4?

Deborah: Yes, I did. Until I accidentally went in the swimming pool with it. :(

Filip: Not even avast! Mobile Security can protect you from that! But still, you will find this hilarious.

Read more about Apple Pay.

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AVG Technologies Announces Intention to Acquire Location Labs

Today, we announced our intention to acquire Location Labs, which is best known for its “mobile security for humansâ€.

AVG has been talking for some time about the need for a more holistic approach to security; one that protects not only devices, but also data and, ultimately, the people using those devices and data. Products that encompass all these elements must be easy to understand and easy to use.

AVG’s security for Android smartphones is one the top security apps on the Google Play store. Location Labs products, sold by major mobile operators and running on both the Android and iOS platforms, provide exceptional security and safety for people – you and those you care for.

Additionally, Location Labs’ mobile products and services draw on the value of the mobile operator network to provide features and functionality that are not possible otherwise. Having multiple distribution channels delivers good choices for customers. They may want to download our apps directly from App stores, or they may prefer to choose a service that has been validated and integrated with their network provider, including their billing and customer support services. Currently, AVG’s mobile offerings use the first method; Location Labs’, the second.

At AVG and Location Labs, we understand that for our customers, safety and security for connected devices is first and foremost about ensuring that their families, or those they care deeply about, are protected. This is where the combination of AVG Zen and the Location Labs’ products will really shine. With AVG Zen, customers can connect to, and manage the device and data security of their own, and others’, phones, laptops, and PCs.

With Location Labs offerings, they can also manage the content, applications, and permissions available on each of those devices, and see the location and status of the users. As massive numbers of mobile devices are adopted worldwide, and as we all connect more and more items to our own personal networks, this promises to be an important and growing market.

We are particularly pleased that the leadership and the team at Location Labs will be joining AVG. They have built a compelling business within the mobile industry – not an easy thing to do – and helped grow the company to over 1.3 million paying subscribers. We are looking forward to working with them to grow the business further to improve safety and security for all mobile users.

Today’s announcement is the first step in a longer journey and we believe it marks the start of a new approach to mobile security for consumers. We understand that to really enjoy the rich experience of today’s connected world, we all need to feel comfortable and safe, and to have confidence and trust in the smart devices that enable us to monitor and secure the people we care about. As we move forward, we’ll be working hard to make this vision a reality for our customers.

Win a free avast! Mobile Premium license

AVAST is celebrating 100 million downloads of avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus for Android.

We want to protect your Android phone and tablets, so we’re giving you the chance to win a free license for the most trusted Android security product in the world!


How much do you know about your phone’s security?

Do you know all the ways to use avast! Mobile Security’s anti-theft feature to track your phone?

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Do you know how many phones are stolen every minute of every day?

Take the avast! Mobile Security quiz and find out! Answer all 5 questions correctly (don’t worry, we’ll give you hints) and you’ll be in the running to win a free 1-year license for avast! Mobile Premium! One lucky winner will win LIFETIME protection, and 10 lucky winners will receive a rare avast! teddy bear.

Here’s what to do:

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