Beta Test the New AVG 2017!

There are very few opportunities in life where you have the opportunity to be among the first to try something, but with AVG 2017 we are giving you that opportunity.

When I read news stories and see a new car concept is being tested or a movie idea tested on an audience I want to put myself in the group that excitedly goes where few have been before. Taking the opportunity to be part of the early adopter group that tests and helps shape a product or service for the masses.

If being first excites you then look no further and download the beta version of AVG’s 2017 product. Experience the new look user interface and the new features that are the result of the two large security companies combining their technology to bring you and exciting new product to keep you secure online.

There are many new features to test. Go now and download the new version, step where no one has stepped before and run the very latest AVG 2017 product. I’ll give you a hint on what’s new and where to start checking, real-time updates, CyberCapture and passive mode are to name but a few of the new features that need to be explored.

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We have one ask of you though, share the experience with us and let us know what you think through our beta test forum, so we can make sure when we are ready to release it delivers the best experience.

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