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Chrome Security Team Tackles ‘Friendly Fire’ To Keep Browser Safe

Justin Schuh, lead engineer of Chrome Security, said ensuring browser security for Chrome users is a balancing act juggling OEM pressures, questionable certificate authorities and quashing third-party software incompatibility issues.

Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the Web, Wins $1 Million Turing Award 2016

Sir Tim Berners-Lee — the inventor of the World Wide Web — has won this year’s A.M. Turing Award, which is frequently described as the “Nobel Prize of Computing,” by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

Turing Award is named after Alan Mathison Turing, the British mathematician and computer scientist who was a key contributor to the Allied cryptanalysis of German Enigma cipher and

Google Chrome 57 Browser Update Patches ‘High’ Severity Flaws

Google paid out $38,000 in bounty rewards tied to flaws it fixed with a Chrome 57 browser update.

Confide Updates App After Critical Security Issues Are Raised

The makers of the popular messaging app Confide said Wednesday it has patched multiple security vulnerabilities that could have allowed hackers to intercept messages sent using its secure end-to-end messaging platform.