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Chrome Security Team Tackles ‘Friendly Fire’ To Keep Browser Safe

Justin Schuh, lead engineer of Chrome Security, said ensuring browser security for Chrome users is a balancing act juggling OEM pressures, questionable certificate authorities and quashing third-party software incompatibility issues.

Congress Looking Into Restricting Power of Government-Owned CAs

UPDATE–As the debate over potential government interference with encryption technologies rages in countries around the world, Congress is now going down a different path, asking technology companies whether it’s feasible and potentially effective for certificate authorities to restricting the way that government-owned CAs can issue certificates. Members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce […]

Firefox 37 to Include New OneCRL Certificate Blocklist

The next version of Mozilla Firefox will include a new certificate revocation list that will speed up and streamline the process of revoking intermediate certificates trusted by the browser. The new feature, known as OneCRL, is meant as a replacement for the old OCSP (online certificate status protocol) system that is used now to check […]

Mozilla 1024-Bit Cert Deprecation Leaves 107,000 Sites Untrusted

Data compiled from Rapid7’s Project Sonar scan found 107,000 websites running 1024-bit CA certificates that will soon be untrusted as Mozilla announces it will no longer support the shorter, weaker keys.