New Feature – KUDOS

Hi everyone,
There’s a new feature we’ve just implemented for the “Norton Forums BETA” – Kudos!
Kudos are a way for you to give approval to content that you think is helpful, well-formed, insightful, or otherwise generally valuable in the community. When you give kudos to a message, you are not only offering a thumbs up for good content, but also a pat on the back to its author. Kudos also allow Moderators and Administrators to identify and organize the content that you are likely to find most relevant.
Here’s how you do it: Simply click the “Kudos!” button to give a kudo to the message and its author. The author of a message cannot kudo his/her own messages; Also, you can only kudo a message once.


If you have any questions or concerns about this new feature, please let us know on the Forum Feedback Board. Thanks! 

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