Security Response – Check your computer for malware

Symantec Security Response has created a short video to introduce you to some of the common hiding places for malware. The video presented by Benjamin Nahorney (Senior Information Developer) takes you through the following topics:

1) Looking for suspicious programs in Windows Startup by using msconfig.

2) Checking the list of running processes and services using Windows Task Manager and services.msc tool.

3) Visually checking the System folders for suspect files with Windows Explorer.

4) Submitting the any suspicious files to Symantec security response for analysis using the Web Sample Submission page.

5) Tracking and reviewing the response provided by Symantec to your submission.



To watch the video click on the following link/image:



For more details and a more comprehensive list of common load points for malware, please see to the following articles:

We hope that this video helps you to troubleshoot and identify potentially malicious files that may be causing problems on your computer.

Symantec Security Response Team

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