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Security Analyst Summit 2017 Day One Recap

Mike Mimoso and Chris Brook recap the first day of this year’s Security Analyst Summit, including Mark Dowd’s memory corruption bug keynote, the digital archeology around Moonlight Maze, ATM hacking, and the Lazarus APT.

Microsoft Patches Zero Day Disclosed by Google

Microsoft released 14 security bulletins today, six rated critical. Among the fixes is a patch for a Windows kernel zero-day vulnerability disclosed by Google that was being used in attacks by the Sofacy APT gang.

Attributing Advanced Attacks Remains Challenge For Researchers

Kaspersky Lab researchers participated in a Reddit AMA, touching on topics such as attack attribution, critical infrastructure security, attacker and researcher tradecraft, and the shortage of security talent.

Misunderstanding Indicators of Compromise

In this Threatpost op-ed, Dave Dittrich and Katherine Carpenter explain the dangers of conflating measurable events, or observables, with indicators of compromise, which require context and other constructs to provide true threat intelligence.