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Unknown Bidder Buys 2,700 Bitcoins (worth $1.6 million) at US Government Auction

A winning anonymous bidder bought 2,700 Bitcoins (worth roughly $1.6 Million) in an auction held by the United States Marshals Service (USMS) on Monday.

The US government announced at the beginning of this month its plans to auction 2,719 Bitcoins that were seized during several criminal, civil and administrative cases like Silk Road.

The US Marshals confirmed to CoinDesk that four bids were

Warning — Bitcoin Users Could Be Targeted by State-Sponsored Hackers

Another day, another bad news for Bitcoin users.

A leading Bitcoin information site is warning users that an upcoming version of the Blockchain consolidation software and Bitcoin wallets could most likely be targeted by “state-sponsored attackers.”

Recently, one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitfinex, suffered a major hack that resulted in a loss of around $72 Million

DDoSCoin — New Crypto-Currency Pays Users for Participating in DDoS Attacks

It’s 2016, and now, you can earn some dollars by contributing into well-organized DDoS attack scheme.

Do you know while mining Bitcoins you are actually contributing a significant computational power to keep the Bitcoin network running?

In Bitcoins, the miners actually build and maintain massive public ledger containing a record of every Bitcoin transaction in history.

When one user tries

Craig Wright Will Move Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin to Prove His Claim

Yesterday, BBC broke a story allegedly revealing Craig Wright as the original creator of Bitcoin digital currency Satoshi Nakamoto.

However, the highly skeptical cryptographic community is definitely not yet convinced with the technical proofs Wright has yet provided to the media outlets and on his blog.

Now, Wright has promised to provide further evidence for his claim that he is behind the

Bitcoin Creator Has Finally Unmasked Himself. Maybe, Real?

The mysterious creator of the BITCOIN digital cryptocurrency seems to have been identified as an Australian entrepreneur, and his name is:

Craig Steven Wright.

Five months after Wright, an Australian computer scientist and businessman was outed as Satoshi Nakamoto, revealed himself as the original inventor of Bitcoin digital currency.

Wright has published a blog post offering Cryptographic

Wanna Mine Bitcoins Faster? Researchers Find New Way to Do it

A new machine for Bitcoin Mining called “Approximate Hardware” would make Bitcoin mining easier.

Bitcoin had gained tremendous popularity over a few couple of years among the virtual currencies due to its decentralized principle.

Mining a single Bitcoin is not an ice cake walk, as it requires an enormous amount of computing power to dig Bitcoins.

To overcome this issue and mine