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Wi-Fi can be turned into IMSI Catcher to Track Cell Phone Users Everywhere

Here’s a new danger to your smartphone security: Your mobile device can be hijacked and tracked without your knowledge.

Remember Stingrays?

The controversial cell phone spying tool, also known as “IMSI catchers,” has long been used by law enforcement to track and monitor mobile users by mimicking a cellphone tower and tricking their devices to connect to them. Sometimes it even intercepts

Hacking Firmware from Mobile Phone Hacking Company Leaked Online

The Israeli firm Cellebrite, which provides digital forensics tools and software to help law enforcement access mobile phones in investigations, has had its firmware and software leaked online.

Yes, you heard that right. Cellebrite’s most sensitive in-house capabilities have been made public by one of its products’ resellers, who is now distributing copies of Cellebrite’s firmware and

Telegram Hacked? Turn ON Important Security Settings to Secure your Private Chats

We have heard a lot about data breaches nowadays. And if you think that switching to an encrypted messaging service may secure you and your data, then you may be wrong.

No good deed today can help you protect yourself completely.

Reuters and several media outlets are reporting that the phone numbers of 15 Million users in Iran and more than a dozen accounts on the Telegram instant messaging

Have you ever suspected that Facebook is listening to your conversations through Microphone?

Have you ever felt Facebook is showing you very relevant ads about topics you’re only discussing around your phone?

If yes, then you may find this news worth reading.

Communications Professor Kelli Burns from the University of South Florida claims that Facebook is listening to all conversations people have while its app is open to serve more relevant ads for products related to what they are

Police Using Planes Equipped with Dirtbox to Spy on your Cell Phones

The Anaheim Police Department of California — Home of Disneyland — admitted that they used special Cell Phone surveillance technology, known as DirtBox, mounted on aircraft to track millions of mobile users activities.

More than 400 pages of new documents [PDF] published Wednesday revealed that Local Police and federal authorities are using, DRTBox, an advanced version of Dirtbox developed