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No More Ransom — 15 New Ransomware Decryption Tools Available for Free

No More Ransom, so is the Ransomware Threat.

Launched less than a year ago, the No More Ransom (NMR) project has increased its capacity with new partners and new decryption tools added to its now global campaign to combat Ransomware.

Started as a joint initiative by Europol, the Dutch National Police, Intel Security and Kaspersky Lab, No More Ransom is an anti-ransomware cross-industry

This Ransomware Unlocks Your Files For Free If You Read CyberSecurity Articles

Ransomware has been around for a few years, but in last two years, it has become one of the fastest growing threats to businesses and users across the world, so will be in 2017.

Ransomware is a piece of malware that encrypts files on your computer with strong encryption algorithms and then demands a ransom money in Bitcoin to decrypt the data so you can regain access to your encrypted files.

Europol and IT Security Companies Team Up to Combat Ransomware Threat

No More Ransom, so is the Ransomware Threat.

The Dutch National law enforcement agency Europol has joined forces with police and cyber security companies to launch a worldwide initiative to combat and tackle together the exponential growth of Ransomware used by cyber criminals.

Europol announced today the initiative, dubbed NO More Ransom, that has been backed by technology giant Intel,

How to Decrypt TeslaCrypt Ransomware Files Using Master Key

Here’s some good news for victims who are trying to unlock and remove TeslaCrypt ransomware.

Now, you can decrypt all your important files that have been encrypted by TeslaCrypt ransomware.

So, stop Googling about How to decrypt TeslaCrypt Ransomware encrypted files, as the malware authors themselves provided the solution to your problem.
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Since its launch in March last year,

Researcher releases Free Ransomware Detection Tool for Mac OS X Users

In Brief:
Introducing RansomWhere, a free generic ransomware detection tool for Mac OS X users that can identify ransomware-like behavior by continually monitoring the file-system for the creation of encrypted files by suspicious processes.

This ransomware detection tool helps to block the suspicious processes and waits for the user to decide whether to allow or stop the process.

How Just Opening an MS Word Doc Can Hijack Every File On Your System

If you receive a mail masquerading as a company’s invoice and containing a Microsoft Word file, think twice before clicking on it.

Doing so could cripple your system and could lead to a catastrophic destruction.

Hackers are believed to be carrying out social engineering hoaxes by adopting eye-catching subjects in the spam emails and compromised websites to lure the victims into

Here's How to Decrypt Hydracrypt & Umbrecrypt Ransomware Files

Over the last few years, we have seen several types of Ransomware malware that demand a whopping amount of money from users for the retrieval of their locked, compromised sensitive files.

We have also witnessed the birth of decryption solution for some of the Ransomware like Cryptolocker (partial), Coinvault, Rescue Kit.

One more solution has recently been released for decryption of