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Microsoft Finally Reveals What Data Windows 10 Collects From Your PC

Since the launch of Windows 10, there has been widespread concern about its data collection practices, mostly because Microsoft has been very secretive about the telemetry data it collects.

Now, this is going to be changed, as Microsoft wants to be more transparent on its diagnostics data collection practices.

Till now there are three options (Basic, Enhanced, Full) for Windows 10 users to

Microsoft Shares Telemetry Data Collected from Windows 10 Users with 3rd-Party

Cyber security is a major challenge in today’s world, as cyber attacks have become more automated and difficult to detect, where traditional cyber security practices and systems are no longer sufficient to protect businesses, governments, and other organizations.

In past few years, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning had made a name for itself in the field of cyber security, helping

Does your WebCam Crash after Windows 10 Anniversary Update? Here’s How to Fix It

If your webcam has stopped working after installing recently-released Microsoft’s big Anniversary Update for Windows 10, you are not alone.

With some significant changes to improve Windows experience, Windows 10 Anniversary Update includes the support for webcams that has rendered a number of different webcams inoperable, causing serious issues for not only consumers but also the enterprise.

Woman wins $10,000 after suing Microsoft over 'Forced' Windows 10 Upgrade

Since the launch of Windows 10 in July last year, Microsoft is constantly pestering users to upgrade their PCs running older versions of the operating system.

However, many users who are happy with Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and don’t want upgrade to Windows 10 now or anytime soon are sick of this forceful unwanted upgrade.
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One of the victims to this unwanted Windows 10

Microsoft removes its controversial Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense Password Sharing Feature

Microsoft has finally decided to remove one of its controversial features Wi-Fi Sense network sharing feature from Windows 10 that shares your WiFi password with your Facebook, Skype and Outlook friends and enabled by default.

With the launch of Windows 10 last year, Microsoft introduced Wi-Fi Sense network sharing feature aimed at making it easy to share your password-protected WiFi network

Windows 10 Started Showing Ads on LockScreen — Here's How to Turn It OFF

If you’ve upgraded your older version of Windows OS to an all new Windows 10 operating system then you may have noticed an advertisement appearing on your desktop or laptop’s lock screen over the past couple of days.

Yes, this is what Microsoft has chosen to generate revenue after offering Free Windows 10 Download to its users: Monetize the Lock Screen.

Thanks to Windows 10’s new

Windows 10 Sends Your Data 5500 Times Every Day Even After Tweaking Privacy Settings

Myth: By disabling all privacy compromising and telemetry features on Windows 10 will stop Microsoft to track your activities.

Fact: Even after all telemetry features disabled, Windows 10 is phoning home more than you could ever think of.

Ever since the launch of Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 10 is believed to be spying on its users. I wrote a number of articles to raise

Microsoft Starts automatically Pushing Windows 10 to all Windows 7 and 8.1 Users


As warned last year, Microsoft is pushing Windows 10 upgrades onto its user’s PCs much harder by re-categorizing Windows 10 as a “Recommended Update in Windows Update, instead of an “optional update.
Microsoft launched Windows 10 earlier last year and offered the free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8 and 8.1 users. While the company has been successful in getting Windows 10 onto more than 200 Million devices, Microsoft wants to go a lot more aggressive this year.
So, If you have enabled Automatic Windows Update on your Window 7, 8 or 8.1 to install critical updates, like Security Patches, you should watch your steps because…
…From Monday, Windows Update will start upgrading your PC to the newest Windows 10 as a recommended update, Microsoft confirmed.
This means Windows 10 upgrade process will download and start on hundreds of millions of devices automatically.
The move is, of course, the part of Microsoft’s goal to get Windows 10 running on 1 Billion devices within 2-3 years of its actual release.
Market Share of Windows 10 is on the rise. It has already grabbed a market share of 11.85% as of January 2016, increasing from 9.96% in December. But, Windows 7 is still running on over 50% of all PCs in the world, so targeting even half of its user base would bring Microsoft very near to its goal.

“As we shared in late October on the Windows Blog, we are committed to making it easy for our Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 customers to upgrade to Windows 10,” a Microsoft spokesperson said. “We updated the update experience today to help our clients, who previously reserved their upgrade, schedule a time for their upgrade to take place.”

This means if the ‘Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important update’ option in Windows Update section is enabled on your PC, the Windows 10 update will not only be downloaded but also, the installation will be started automatically.
You are also required to stay alert because even if you have adopted manual updates you may still end up downloading Windows 10 anyway. As Windows Update is automatically pre-selecting the option for you, without your need to click on the box to get it.
However, the company says that you won’t be forced to upgrade the creepy OS as there will still be a prompt window that will require you to click through and confirm the Windows 10 upgrade after the files have silently been downloaded and unpacked in the background.
Even if the Windows 10 upgrade is accidentally completed, there is still a way to opt out of it. Microsoft is offering a 31 day grace period in which you will be able to revert to your old installation after trying Windows 10 and deciding you not like the operating system.
Though we know this revert will also be an aggressive push by Microsoft.

Microsoft Collecting More Data of Windows 10 Users than Initially Thought

After several controversial data mining and privacy invasion features within Microsoft’s newest operating system, Microsoft continued convincing its users that Windows 10 is not spying on anyone and that the company is not collecting more data than it needs.

In addition, Microsoft also updated its privacy policy in order to clear how and when Windows 10 utilizes users’ data.

But wait,

Bad Santa! Microsoft Offers — 'Upgrade now' or 'Upgrade tonight' to Push Windows 10

Many Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users don’t want to upgrade their machines to Microsoft’s newest Windows 10 operating system now or anytime soon. Isn’t it?

But what if you wake up in the morning and found yourself a Windows 10 user?

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That’s exactly what Microsoft is doing to Windows 7 and 8.1 users.

Windows 10 Upgrade Becomes More Aggressive

Ever since Microsoft