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British Court rules Hacktivist 'Lauri Love' can be extradited to USA

British citizen and alleged hacker Lauri Love will be extradited to the United States to face allegations of hacking into United States government computer systems, a UK judge ruled on Friday.

Love, 31, is currently facing up to 99 years in prison for allegedly hacking into the FBI, the US Army, the US Missile Defence Agency, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and New

FBI Arrests Two Hackers Who Hacked US Spy Chief, FBI and CIA Director

US authorities have arrested two North Carolina men on charges that they were part of the notorious hacking group “Crackas With Attitude.”

Crackas with Attitude is the group of hackers who allegedly was behind a series of audacious and embarrassing hacks that targeted personal email accounts of senior officials at the CIA, FBI, the White House, Homeland Security Department, and other US

15-year-old Teenage Hacker Arrested Over FBI Computer Hack

Another 15-year-old teenager got arrested from the land of cakes, Scotland, by British Police for breaking into the FBI Systems on 16th February.

Under the Britain’s anti-hacking law, Computer Misuse Act 1990, the boy has been arrested for his role in hacking and unauthorized access to the digital material.

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Federal Agents had fled to Glasgow in an attempt to carry out a