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France warns Microsoft to Stop Collecting Windows 10 Users' Personal Data

We have heard a lot about privacy concerns surrounding Windows 10 and accusations on Microsoft of collecting too much data about users without their consent.

Now, the French data protection authority has ordered Microsoft to stop it.

France’s National Data Protection Commission (CNIL) issued a formal notice on Wednesday, asking Microsoft to “stop collecting excessive data” as well as “

British Intelligence is Legally Allowed to Hack Anyone, Court Says

Hacking of computers, smartphones and networks in the United Kingdom or abroad by the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) is LEGAL, the UK’s Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) ruled.

So, the UK is giving clean chit to its intelligence agency to spy on its people as well as people living abroad.

Now, How is that okay?

The British spying nerve center GCHQ has won a major court

France will not Ban Public Wi-Fi Or Tor Network, Prime Minister Valls Confirms

Despite the French Ministry of Interior’s demands, France will not ban the TOR anonymity network or Free public Wi-Fi as a way to help the law enforcement fight terrorism.

French Prime Minister Manual Valls has gone on record saying that a ban on Free public Wi-Fi is “not a course of action envisaged,” and he is not in favor of banning the TOR anonymity network, either.

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