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Mac Malware Can Secretly Spy On Your Webcam and Mic – Here's How to Stay Safe

Apple Mac Computers are considered to be much safer than Windows at keeping viruses and malware out of its environment, but that’s simply not true anymore.

It’s not because Mac OS X is getting worse every day, but because hackers are getting smart and sophisticated these days.

The bad news for Mac users is that malware targeting webcams and microphones has now come up for Mac laptops as well.

FBI Director — You Should Cover Your Webcam With Tape

Should you put a tape or a sticker over the lens of your laptop’s webcam?

Yes, even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and FBI Director James Comey do that.

Covering your laptop’s webcam might be a hell cheap and good idea to guard against hackers and intruders who might want to watch your private life and environment through your devices.
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In fact, Comey recently came out

Photo reveals even Zuckerberg tapes his Webcam and Microphone for Privacy

What do you do to protect your ‘Privacy’ and keep yourself safe from potential hackers?

Well, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg just need a bit of tape to cover his laptop webcam and mic jack in order to protect his privacy.

Yes, Zuck also does the same as the FBI Director James Comey.
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Zuckerberg posted a photo on Tuesday to celebrate Instagram’s 500 Million monthly user

So, FBI Director also Puts Tape Over His Webcam

What do you do to protect your ‘Privacy’ while using your computer?

FBI Director James Comey uses tape to cover up his laptop webcam to ensure Privacy.

Yes, you heard it right. During the Q&A session at Kenyon College last week, Comey said that he uses tape to cover his laptop webcam in order to mitigate the danger of secret surveillance.

While giving a speech about encryption and