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Top 5 Google Searches of 2016


It’s been a long year, with many unexpected incidents – be it good or bad ones. One thing remains a constant though: People are still using Google to search for … yes, for what? Google was nice enough to put together a list with the top searches of 2016 – and since it’s fun to […]

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Apple Weakens iOS 10 Backup Encryption; Now Can Be Cracked 2,500 Times Faster

After the iPhone encryption battle between Apple and the FBI, Apple was inspired to work toward making an unhackable future iPhones by implementing stronger security measures even the company can’t hack.

Even at that point the company hired one of the key developers of Signal — one of the world’s most secure, encrypted messaging apps — its core security team to achieve this goal.

But it

Apple testing Ultra-Fast Li-Fi Wireless Technology for Future iPhones

Apple to make future iPhones compatible with a cutting-edge technology that has the capability to transmit data at 100 times the speed of WiFi, suggests the code found within the iOS firmware.

Apple may ship future iPhones with Li-Fi capabilities, a new technology that may end up replacing the widely-used Wi-Fi in the future technology.

Beginning with iOS 9.1 update, the operating