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Oracle acquires DNS provider Dyn for more than $600 Million

Yes, Oracle just bought the DNS provider company that brought down the Internet last month.

Business software vendor Oracle announced on Monday that it is buying cloud-based Internet performance and Domain Name System (DNS) provider Dyn.

Dyn is the same company that was hit by a massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack by the Mirai botnet last month which knocked the entire

Data Breach — Oracle's Micros Payment Systems Hacked

The risks associated with data breaches continue to grow, impacting a variety of industries, tech firms, and social networking platforms. In the past few months, over 1 Billion credentials were dumped online as a result of mega breaches in popular social networks.

Now, Oracle is the latest in the list.

Oracle has confirmed that its MICROS division – which is one of the world’s top three

Google Wins Epic Java Copyright Case Against Oracle

Google has finally won six-year long $9-billion legal battle with Oracle over the use of Java APIs in Android.

Oracle filed its lawsuit against Google in 2010, claiming that the company illegally used 11,500 lines of Java code in its Android operating system, violating copyrights owned by Oracle.

However, a federal jury of ten people concluded Thursday that Google’s use of Java constituted “

Oracle Issues Emergency Java Update for Windows

The US-based software maker Oracle delivered an unusual out-of-box emergency patch for Java in an effort to fix a during-installation flaw on the Windows platforms.

The successful exploitation of the critical vulnerability, assigned CVE-2016-0603, could allow an attacker to trick an unsuspecting user into visiting a malicious website and downloading files to the victim’s system before