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Radio Stations Hacked to Play "F**k Donald Trump" on Repeat Across the Country

It’s just two weeks into the Trump presidency, but his decisions have caused utter chaos around the country.

One such order signed by the president was banning both refugees and visa holders from seven Muslim-majority countries (Iraq, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, and Sudan) from entering the United States, resulting in unexpectedly arrest of some travelers at airports.

Now, it seems

Car Thieves Can Unlock 100 Million Volkswagens With A Simple Wireless Hack

In Brief
Some 100 Million cars made by Volkswagen are vulnerable to a key cloning attack that could allow thieves to unlock the doors of most popular cars remotely through a wireless signal, according to new research.

Next time when you leave your car in a parking lot, make sure you don’t leave your valuables in it, especially if it’s a Volkswagen.

What’s more worrisome?

The new attack

KeySniffer Lets Hackers Steal Keystrokes from Wireless Keyboards

Radio-based wireless keyboards and mice that use a special USB dongle to communicate with your PC can expose all your secrets – your passwords, credit card numbers and everything you type.

Back in February, researchers from the Internet of things security firm Bastille Networks demonstrated how they could take control of wireless keyboards and mice from several top vendors using so-called