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Bulgaria passes Law that mandates Government Software must be Open Source

Do you have any idea what the software you have installed is doing stealthily in the background? If it’s not an open source software, can you find out?

Usually, the answer is no.

After Edward Snowden’s revelations, it’s clear that how desperately government agencies wants to put secret backdoors in your network, devices, and software.
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However, Bulgaria has come forward with

FBI Director — "What If Apple Engineers are Kidnapped and Forced to Write (Exploit) Code?"

What If Apple Engineers are Kidnapped and Forced to Write (Exploit) Code?

Exactly this was what FBI Director James Comey asked in the congressional hearing on Tuesday.

The House Judiciary Committee hearing on “The Encryption Tightrope: Balancing Americans’ Security and Privacy” over the ongoing battle between Apple and the FBI ended up being full of drama.

The key to the dispute is

Jail Authorities Mistakenly Early Released 3,200 Prisoners due to a Silly Software Bug

Washington State Department of Corrections (DoC) is facing an investigation after it early released around 3,200 prisoners per year, since 2002, when a bug was introduced in the software used to calculate time credits for inmates’ good behavior.

The software glitch led to a miscalculation of sentence reductions that US prisoners were receiving for their good behaviour.

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