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Hundreds of High-Profile Twitter Accounts Hacked through 3rd-Party App

In a large-scale Twitter hack, thousands of Twitter accounts from media outlets to celebrities, including the European Parliament, Forbes, BlockChain, Amnesty International, UNICEF, Nike Spain and numerous other individuals and organizations, were compromised early Wednesday.

The compromised Twitter accounts is pushing a disturbing spam message written in Turkish comparing the Dutch to the Nazis

Another CEO Hacked… It's Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey!

Twitter account of another high profile has been hacked!

This time, it’s Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

OurMine claimed responsibility for the hack, which was spotted after the group managed to post some benign video clips.

The team also tweeted at 2:50 AM ET today saying “Hey, its OurMine,we are testing your security,” with a link to their website that promotes and sells its own “services” for

Over 51 Million Accounts Leaked from iMesh File Sharing Service

How many more data dumps does this hacker have with him that has yet to be exposed?

Well, no one knows the answer, but we were recently made aware of another data breach from Peace – the same Russian hacker who was behind the massive breaches in some of the most popular social media sites including LinkedIn, MySpace, Tumblr, and VK.com.

The hacker under the nickname “Peace” (or Peace_of_mind

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg's Twitter, Pinterest accounts Hacked! And the Password was…

The man who runs the biggest social network and continuously implements new security measures to boost its billion users security, himself failed to follow basics of Internet security for his own online accounts.

Yes, I’m talking about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who had his Twitter and Pinterest accounts compromised on Sunday.

The hacker group from Saudi Arabia, dubbed OurMine, claimed