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Obama Expels 35 Russian Spies Over Election Hacking; Russia Responds With Duck Meme

The United States has expelled 35 Russian spies in response to Russia’s alleged interference in last month’s presidential election, further escalating tensions between the countries.

The US state department has declared 35 diplomatic intelligence officials from the Russian embassy in Washington DC and the consulate in San Francisco “persona non grata,” giving them and their families 72 hours

Is Russia Behind the DNC Hack to Help Donald Trump? FBI Initiate an Investigation

On Friday, just three days prior to the start of the party’s national convention, WikiLeaks released almost 20,000 e-mails with more than 8,000 stolen from the US Democratic National Committee (DNC) following a cyber attack in June.

Two days later, on Sunday, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced her resignation and now had no major role on the party’s convention stage.

Many of

Russia Wants to Kick Foreign Tech Companies Out Of The Nation

Someone wants to kick Microsoft, Google and Apple off from his land, but himself uses Gmail and Mac.

The newly appointed Internet Tsar German Klemenko, who is the first internet advisor of Vladimir Putin, wants to kick off American Giants from Russia.

In a 90-minute interview conducted by Bloomberg, Klemenko expressed his interest to vanish the presence of tech biggies of foreign