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WhatsApp launches Desktop Software for Windows and Mac Users

The most popular messaging app WhatsApp now has a fully functional desktop app – both for Mac as well as Windows platform.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp messaging software has been a mobile-only messaging platform forever, but from Tuesday, the company is offering you its desktop application for both Windows and OS X.
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Few months back, WhatsApp launched a Web client that can be run

How to Crash Your Friends' WhatsApp Just By Sending Crazy Smileys

What would require crashing the wildly popular WhatsApp messaging application?

Nearly 4000 Smileys.

Yes, you can crash your friends’ WhatsApp, both WhatsApp Web and mobile application, by sending them not any specially crafted messages, but just Smileys.

Indrajeet Bhuyan, an independent researcher, has reported The Hacker News a new bug in WhatsApp that could allow anyone to remotely