TrueOnline / Billion 5200W-T Router Unauthenticated Command Injection

TrueOnline is a major ISP in Thailand, and it distributes a customized version of the Billion 5200W-T router. This customized version has at least two command injection vulnerabilities, one authenticated and one unauthenticated, on different firmware versions. This Metasploit module will attempt to exploit the unauthenticated injection first, and if that fails, it will attempt to exploit the authenticated injection. This Metasploit module was tested in an emulated environment, as the author doesn’t have access to the Thai router any more. Any feedback should be sent directly to the module’s author, as well as to the Metasploit project. There are other language strings in the firmware, so it is likely that this firmware is not only distributed in Thailand. Other Billion 5200W-T in other countries might be vulnerable too.

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