AVG achieves top scores from AV-Test and AV-Comparatives

Are there things in life that you can really say you are 100% sure about, I am sure there are a few but not very many.

In the last week here at AVG our virus research teams and engineers have achieved not just one great test result, but two. The AV-TEST results show that AVG achieved 100% detection of real-world malware and 100% detection of widespread malware. Then followed the AV-Comparatives Malware Removal report awarding AVG with the highest award mark of Advanced+.

Whether you are a consumer or business looking to make a decision on what Anti-Virus/Malware product to use, then independent results from internationally recognized testing organizations should help you make the right decision.

For businesses selecting the right product to stay safe is particularly important, in many cases you are not just protecting your company data but also the personal information that you hold about your customers.

The double 100% result from AV-TEST is particularly important as this shows that our products are protecting you without compromise whether the threat is new and only just appeared, as detailed in the real-time test, or whether it’s a known malware variant that is widespread.

I asked Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-TEST what the significance of the 100% result means, he said “Here at AV-TEST we understand that consumers and businesses rely on specialist organizations such as ourselves to test products they rely on for their security and protection. When a vendor scores 100% in both the real-time and widespread sections of our protection test, it provides a data point that allows consumers and businesses to make informed decisions. We congratulate AVG for achieving the 100% result in our August test.”

Detecting malware and stopping it from carrying out its malicious intent is important, but knowing that it has been completely removed from a device is also extremely important. The AV-Comparatives award for Malware Removal shows that we have excelled in this area too.

At an industry conference I asked Andreas Clementi, Founder and CEO of AV-Comparatives about the Malware Removal report and the AVG result, he said “An important factor for users of Anti-Malware products is not only its ability to detect malware but also its ability to remove the threat and all of the components that it installed. At AV-Comparatives we conduct an annual Malware removal test that shows a products efficiency to clean up after an infection, AVG has achieved an Advanced+ rating for 2 years in a row which shows great consistency.”

It’s important to understand that testing anti-malware products is undertaken and a point or period in time, so the results reflect the moment that these tests were carried out.

Of course our teams are motivated to continue with flawless detection results, and with the release of our new versions of our Ant-Virus range of products there are additional security features designed to provide improved detection. You can see more details in my article about our product release.

Indulge me in this moment of unashamed promotion of AVG and allow me to proudly acknowledge the commitment and dedication of the AVG teams that have delivered these awesome results, which they proudly develop to protect you, our customers.

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