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Laser Gun to Detect Bombs and Chemical Weapons from 100 Feet Away

In Brief
US-based Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) agency is sponsoring a program to build portable laser sensors that could detect explosives, narcotics and other dangerous chemical weapons from 100 feet away.

Dubbed SILMARILS (Standoff Illuminator for Measuring Absorbance and Reflectance Infrared Light Signatures), the program aims to identify biological agents as

Encrypted Email Servers Seized by German Authorities After School Bomb Threats

In the wake of a hoax bomb threat, all public schools in Los Angeles were closed for a day last week, and now German authorities have seized an encrypted email server.

But, Does that make sense?

In a video statement posted on Monday, the administrator of Cock.li – an anonymous email provider service – said German authorities had seized a hard drive from one of its servers that used to