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Lavabit — Encrypted Email Service Once Used by Snowden Is Back

Texas-based Encrypted Email Service ‘Lavabit,’ that was forced to shut down in 2013 after not complying with a court order demanding access to SSL keys to snoop on Edward Snowden’s emails, is relaunching on Friday.

Lavabit CEO Ladar Levison had custody of the service’s SSL encryption key that could have helped the government obtain Snowden’s password. Although the FBI insisted it was only

What is SMTP STS? How It improves Email Security for StartTLS?

Despite so many messaging apps, Email is still one of the widely used and popular ways to communicate in this digital age.

But are your Emails secure?

We are using email services for decades, but the underlying 1980s transport protocol used to send emails, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), is ancient and lacks the ability to secure your email communication entirely.

However, to

The Best Way to Send and Receive End-to-End Encrypted Emails

How many of you know the fact that your daily e-mails are passaged through a deep espionage filter?

This was unknown until the whistleblower Edward Snowden broke all the surveillance secrets, which made privacy and security important for all Internet users than ever before.

I often get asked “How to send encrypted email?”, “How can I protect my emails from prying eyes?” and “Which is

Encrypted Email Servers Seized by German Authorities After School Bomb Threats

In the wake of a hoax bomb threat, all public schools in Los Angeles were closed for a day last week, and now German authorities have seized an encrypted email server.

But, Does that make sense?

In a video statement posted on Monday, the administrator of Cock.li – an anonymous email provider service – said German authorities had seized a hard drive from one of its servers that used to