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Facebook is Going to make all your Private Photos Public Tomorrow — It's a Hoax!

Don’t believe everything you read on Facebook.

Despite so many awareness about Facebook hoaxes, online users fall for them and make them viral.

One such viral post is circulating on Facebook that suggests everything that you have ever posted on the social media platform will become public tomorrow.

Don’t worry — it’s a hoax. Yes, it’s still a hoax.
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The latest Facebook

France Orders Facebook To Stop Tracking Non-Users or Face Fines

8th February 2016 would be considered as a cursed day in the history of Facebook. You might have known that just yesterday India bans Facebook’s Free Basic Internet in the country.

Now, Zuckerberg had got another bombshell in the form of a French Order from the European Data Protection Authority, who ordered Facebook to stop tracking non-users’ online activity and to stop data transfers of

WhatsApp to Share your Personal Data With Facebook

Recently the Facebook-owned messaging app dropped its $1 annual subscription fee to make WhatsApp Free for Lifetime.

Now, WhatsApp has plans to introduce a new feature that would allow its users to integrate their Facebook accounts with the most widely used messaging app.

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So far, the social media giant has been focusing on its own messaging platform, Messenger and both

Facebook privacy – why statements about copyright don’t do anything

Facebook users around the world have reported the return of the network’s longer-lasting hoaxes – a legal disclaimer which allows users to regain copyright over their images and other content. Here’s why it doesn’t work.

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