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MIT Researchers Solve the Spectrum Crunch to make Wi-Fi 10 times Faster

While using your cell phone at a massive public event, like a concert, conference, or sporting event, you have probably experienced slow communication, poor performance or slow browsing speeds, as crowds arrive.

That’s because of ‘Spectrum Crunch’, which means, Interference of WiFi signals with each other.

WiFi signals of all cell-phones in a large event interfere with each other because

Facebook to Launch Commercial Express Wi-Fi Service In India

After the failure of Facebook’s Free Basics — an initiative to provide free Internet access — in India due to the violation of Net Neutrality principles, Facebook has reintroduced its plan to provide Internet access in rural India, but this time:

The social networking giant is planning to launch a commercial WiFi service in India.

Facebook is testing a WiFi service in rural India, allowing