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WiGig — New Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi Standard Ready to Boost Your Internet Speed in 2017

Get ready for faster Internet because the WiFi you know today is about to change and get much, much faster.

The WiFi Alliance, a self-described “worldwide network of companies that brings you Wi-Fi,” has finally certified “WiGig,” an ultra-fast, short-range wireless network technology that will nearly double Wi-Fi’s current top speed.

As many as 180 Million devices, including routers,

MIT Researchers Solve the Spectrum Crunch to make Wi-Fi 10 times Faster

While using your cell phone at a massive public event, like a concert, conference, or sporting event, you have probably experienced slow communication, poor performance or slow browsing speeds, as crowds arrive.

That’s because of ‘Spectrum Crunch’, which means, Interference of WiFi signals with each other.

WiFi signals of all cell-phones in a large event interfere with each other because

New Long-Range Wi-Fi Standard Offers Double Range to Home Devices

It is a common problem: Home Wireless Router’s reach is terrible that the WiFi network even does not extend past the front door of the room.

My house also has all kinds of Wi-Fi dead zones, but can we fix it?

The answer is: YES. The problem will improve with a future, longer range version of Wi-Fi that uses low power consumption than current wireless technology and specifically targets