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Bug Hunter Found Ways to Hack Any Instagram Accounts

How to hack an Instagram account?

The answer to this question is difficult to find, but a bug bounty hunter just did it without too many difficulties.

Belgian bug bounty hunter Arne Swinnen discovered two vulnerabilities in image-sharing social network Instagram that allowed him to brute-force Instagram account passwords and take over user accounts with minimal efforts.
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This 10-year-old Boy becomes the youngest Bug Bounty Hacker

“Talent has no Age Limit”

That’s what I said for a 10-year-old Finnish boy on our official Facebook page while sharing his recent achievement with our readers i.e. Winning $10,000 bug bounty from Instagram.

Last Tuesday when we at The Hacker News first acknowledged this talented boy and the flaw he discovered in image-sharing social network Instagram, I did not have an idea that the Facebook

Who Viewed Your Profile on Instagram? Obviously, Hackers!

Are you curious about who viewed your profile on Instagram?

This is probably the most frequently asked question nowadays, and there are several applications available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, which claims to offer you the opportunity to see who is looking at your Instagram profile.

But, should we believe them?

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Is there really some kind of way out to

Shocking! Instagram HACKED! Researcher hacked into Instagram Server and Admin Panel

Ever wonder how to hack Instagram or how to hack a facebook account? Well, someone just did it!

But, remember, even responsibly reporting a security vulnerability could end up in taking legal actions against you.

An independent security researcher claims he was threatened by Facebook after he responsibly revealed a series of security vulnerabilities and configuration flaws that allowed