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9 Popular Password Manager Apps Found Leaking Your Secrets

Is anything safe? It’s 2017, and the likely answer is NO.

Making sure your passwords are secure is one of the first line of defense – for your computer, email, and information – against hacking attempts, and Password Managers are the one recommended by many security experts to keep all your passwords secure in one place.

Password Managers are software that creates complex passwords, stores

The 25 worst passwords of them all

passwords, Passwörter

With all the data breaches that happened during 2016 – just think back to the 32 million Twitter passwords on the Dark Web or the time we found out that Mr. Zuckerberg’s password was ‘dadada’ –one should think that people have managed to notice that password security is a good idea and somewhat important. Think […]

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Avira Password Manager: No more awkward ‘forgot password’ moments

Password Manager

We have just launched the Avira Password Manager to provide users with an extra layer of protection for their privacy. The newly released product combines convenience with security as it generates, saves and encrypts passwords, and automatically logs into password-protected sites. Additionally, it enables you to synchronize your passwords across multiple devices and syncs across multiple browsers. From now on, wherever you go, you will have your passwords with you.

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Password Manager Pro — Easiest Way to Keep Enterprises Secure

Recent corporate breaches have taught us something important — the average enterprise user is spectacularly bad at choosing good passwords.

As modern enterprise is becoming a hybrid organization with infrastructure spread across on-premises data centers as well as in the cloud, security of information, applications, and assets has become a paramount concern.

Cyber security is no longer an

Opera Browser Sync Service Hacked; Users' Data and Saved Passwords Compromised

Opera has reset passwords of all users for one of its services after hackers were able to gain access to one of its Cloud servers this week.

Opera Software reported a security breach last night, which affects all users of the sync feature of its web browser.
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So, if you’ve been using Opera’s Cloud Sync service, which allows users to synchronize their browser data and settings

Epic Games Forum Hacked, Once Again — Over 800,000 Gamers' Data Stolen

If you are a fan of Unreal Tournament from Epic Games or ever have participated in discussions on the online forums run by Epic Games, you possibly need to change your forum password as soon as possible.

It seems the Unreal Engine and its creators, Epic Games’ forums have recently been compromised by an unknown hacker or a group of hackers, who have stolen more than 800,000 forum accounts

LastPass Bug Lets Hackers Steal All Your Passwords

A critical zero-day flaw has been discovered in the popular cloud password manager LastPass that could allow any remote attacker to compromise your account completely.

LastPass is a password manager that also available as a browser extension that automatically fills credentials for you.

All you need is to remember one master password to unlock all other passwords of your different online

End of SMS-based 2-Factor Authentication; Yes, It's Insecure!

SMS-based Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) has been declared insecure and soon it might be a thing of the past.

Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA adds an extra step of entering a random passcode sent to you via an SMS or call when you log in to your account as an added layer of protection.

For example, if you have 2FA enabled on Gmail, the platform will send a six-digit passcode to your mobile