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Scout Browser goes under peer review

Scout Browser goes under peer review

It’s not enough to say you are good. The moment of truth is when an outside expert or peer takes a hard look at what you do – and then gives you an educated thumbs up. In academia, this is a peer review and it is essential for any worthwhile paper. For software developers, it […]

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Draw the blinds while surfing online

US President Donald Trump has opened up a new era in online advertising on the heels of his signing off on the new law that allows Internet Service Providers to resell their customer data. It is now time for customers to look at this brave new world and do some hard thinking about their lack […]

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Avira goes Prime time with its new all-in-one premium subscription service

Avira goes Prime time with its new all-in-one premium subscription service - Avira Prime

We have launched Avira Prime, the industry’s first all-in-one subscription service that provides you with convenient, no-obligation coverage for all of your online security, privacy, and performance needs. The Prime range of solutions cover the major operating systems for today’s growing portfolios of online devices, whether they run on Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. With […]

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Panda Security Detects 100% of malware, According to AV- Comparatives

Panda Security has obtained a 100% detection rate on February’s Real-World Protection Test from the independent labs of AV- Comparatives. The Real-World Test is recognized in the industry for providing an accurate reflection of the protection offered by cybersecurity solutions readily available on the market

Panda Security obtained the highest possible score, topping the list of twenty other providers that also underwent testing.

The analysis, which is available here, takes into account the same infection vectors that a user might experience on any normal day (browsing websites containing malicious content or exploits, running a virus received by email, etc.). In this case, Panda Free Antivirus was able to detect 100% of the malware to which it had been exposed. The fundamental objective of the Real-World Test is to determine if security solutions are able to protect the system as it is exposed to an array of malware samples.

Panda Security, 100% Detection and Zero False Positives in AV- Comparatives’ Most Rigorous Test

“We are especially pleased with the excellent results obtained in the AV-Comparatives Real-World Test because they validate our efforts to offer our users the best protection against all types of threats in real conditions. We are fully committed to the constant improvement of our solutions in order to provide maximum security levels with minimum performance impact, being more aggressive towards threats the bigger the risk of infection” said Alberto Añón, Consumer Product Manager in Panda Security

This result speaks to the success of the set of technologies present in the company’s cybersecurity solutions, ideal for all types of users, private or professional, and for everyone from freelancers to large corporations.

Panda Security has developed its products in response to the rapid evolution of malware in recent years. In this regard, it offers the most effective response to threats like ransomware and proves to be the best ally in the prevention, protection and response to the latest attacks.

Latest updates

The company recently launched their Panda Protection, the multi-device antivirus protection that adapts to the user’s needs through a monthly service subscription.

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Avira Scout: the browser for your online security & privacy

Avira Scout: the browser for your online security & privacy

Avira Scout has been launched for the public, combining our security expertise with the Chromium code to give users a free browser that slashes the risks from malware, malvertising, and obtrusive trackers. Scout provides multiple layers of security and privacy without interrupting the user experience. We’ve integrated together a selection of best-in-class security and privacy […]

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Scout Explained: Avira Autopilot

Avira Autopilot Scout

What is Autopilot and where can I find it? Avira Autopilot is a browser extension exclusively for the Avira Scout browser. You can download Scout from here. Autopilot includes all the functions of the popular Avira Browser Safety (ABS) extension. Once you have downloaded, installed, and started Scout, you will see a green icon (see […]

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Don’t Let Yahoo Happen To You: How to Protect Your Business from Large-Scale Data Theft


In 2016, the theft of passwords from internet titans is no longer an exception. Just when it seemed like the year was winding down, having left us with the surprising news of what until yesterday was considered the highest magnitude cyberattack in history suffered by Yahoo and reported three months ago, this same company returns to headlines after announcing the theft of data from 1 billion accounts.

This comes on the tail of some revealing figures. For example, massive data breaches have, amazingly, affected 97% of the 1000 largest companies in the world.

After admitting last September that in 2014 they had suffered a large-scale theft that affected 500 million users, Yahoo revealed today that in 2013 it suffered what is now considered the worst incident of information piracy in history with the theft of 1 billion accounts.

There’s a strong resemblance between this attack and the ones we’ve been analyzing over the past months. These recent attacks showcase the way cybercriminals gain access to names, email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, passwords, and in some cases clients’ encrypted and unencrypted security questions. The dimensions of the incident are truly staggering.

Yahoo disclosed that “an unauthorized third party” accessed the data and that at this time the culprit remains unnamed.

Economic repercussions aside, these incidents also call into question the issue of deteriorating user confidence. For example, Verizon’s initiative to integrate Yahoo into the AOL platform will certainly come under scrutiny.

How Should You Keep Your Business Safe?

There’s a legitimate reason to fear for your business’s confidential information. An outsider capable of getting the key to your company’s data, as happened at Yahoo, is a latent risk. Prevention has become the greatest asset in combating Black Hats and avoiding some of the dire consequences of these attacks.

To that end, we encourage you to turn to the advanced cybersecurity solution best suited to your company’s needs. Our Adaptive Defense 360 can offer you:

visbilidad- adVisibility: Traceability and visibility of every action taken by running applications.


deteccion- adDetection: Constant monitoring of all running processes and real-time blocking of targeted and zero-day attacks, and other advanced threats designed to slip past traditional antivirus solutions.


respuesta- adResponse: Providing forensic information for in-depth analysis of every attempted attack as well as remediation tools.


prevencion- adPrevention: Preventing future attacks by blocking programs that do not behave as goodware and using advanced anti-exploit technologies.


This is the only advanced cybersecurity system that combines latest generation protection and the latest detection and remediation technology with the ability to classify 100% of running processes.

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