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Apple Patents Technology to remotely disable your iPhone Camera at Concerts

Here’s something you’ll not like at all:

Apple has been awarded a patent for technology that would prevent you from snapping pictures and shooting videos with your iPhone or iPad at places or events, like concerts or museums, where it might be prohibited or inappropriate.

The patent, granted on Tuesday by the United States Patents and Trademark Office, is highly technical.
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Your iPhone will Alert You if You are Being Monitored At Work

Are You an Employee?

It’s quite possible that someone has been reading your messages, emails, listening to your phone calls, and monitoring your activities at work.

No, it’s not a spy agency or any hacker…

…Oops! It’s your Boss.

Recently, European Court had ruled that the Employers can legally monitor as well as read workers’ private messages sent via chat software like WhatsApp or

Warning — Setting This Date On iPhone Or iPad Will Kill Your Device Permanently

Don’t Try this at Home!

An interesting software bug has been discovered in Apple’s iOS operating system that could kill your iPhone, iPad or iPod Dead Permanently.

Yes, you heard me right.

An issue with the date and time system in iOS had emerged recently when Reddit users started warning people that changing your iPhone’s or any iOS device’s date to January 1, 1970, will brick