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Hackers Offering Money to Company Insiders in Return for Confidential Data

The insider threat is the worst nightmare for a company, as the employees can access company’s most sensitive data without having to circumvent security measures designed to keep out external threats.

The rogue employee can collect, leak, or sell all your secrets, including professional, confidential, and upcoming project details, to your rival companies and much more that could result in

Insider Breach: T-Mobile Czech Employee Steals and Sells 1.5 Million Users Data

T-Mobile is the latest in the list of recent high-profile data breaches, though this time the breach is not carried out by “Peace” – the Russian hacker who was behind the massive breaches in some popular social media sites including LinkedIn, MySpace, Tumblr, and VK.com.

Instead, one of the T-Mobile’s employees stole more than 1.5 Million customer records at the T-Mobile Czech Republic in

Your iPhone will Alert You if You are Being Monitored At Work

Are You an Employee?

It’s quite possible that someone has been reading your messages, emails, listening to your phone calls, and monitoring your activities at work.

No, it’s not a spy agency or any hacker…

…Oops! It’s your Boss.

Recently, European Court had ruled that the Employers can legally monitor as well as read workers’ private messages sent via chat software like WhatsApp or

Hackers Are Offering Apple Employees $23,000 for Corporate Login Details

An unsatisfied Employee may turn into a Nightmare for you and your organization.

Nowadays, installing an antivirus or any other anti-malware programs would be inadequate to beef up the security to maintain the Corporate Database.

What would you do if your employee itself backstabbed you by breaching the Hypersensitive Corporate Secrets?

Yes! There could be a possibility for an

Employee Stole 'Yandex Search Engine' Source Code, Tried to Sell it for Just $29K

A former employee of Russian search engine Yandex allegedly stole the source code and key algorithms for its search engine site and then attempted to sell them on the black market to fund his own startup.

Russian publication Kommersant reports that Dmitry Korobov downloaded a type of software nicknamed “Arcadia” from Yandex’s servers, which contained highly critical information, including