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Massive Data Breach Exposes 6.6 Million Plaintext Passwords from Ad Company

Another Day, Another Data Breach! And this time, it’s worse than any recent data breaches.


Because the data breach has exposed plaintext passwords, usernames, email addresses, and a large trove of other personal information of more than 6.6 Million ClixSense users.

ClixSense, a website that claims to pay users for viewing advertisements and completing online surveys, is the latest

Insider Breach: T-Mobile Czech Employee Steals and Sells 1.5 Million Users Data

T-Mobile is the latest in the list of recent high-profile data breaches, though this time the breach is not carried out by “Peace” – the Russian hacker who was behind the massive breaches in some popular social media sites including LinkedIn, MySpace, Tumblr, and VK.com.

Instead, one of the T-Mobile’s employees stole more than 1.5 Million customer records at the T-Mobile Czech Republic in

This App Lets You Find Anyone's Social Profile Just By Taking Their Photo

Is Google or Facebook evil? Forget it!

Russian nerds have developed a new Face Recognition technology based app called FindFace, which is a nightmare for privacy lovers and human right advocates.

FindFace is a terrifyingly powerful facial recognition app that lets you photograph strangers in a crowd and find their real identity by connecting them to their social media accounts with 70%