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Three Exploit Kits Spreading Attacks for Recent Flash Player Zero Day

The Angler Exploit Kit is exploiting the latest Flash zero day and is moving Dridex banking malware. The Magnitude and Neutrino exploit kits have also integrated the 0day.

Hacking Team Flash Zero Day Weaponized in Exploit Kits

Three exploit kits–Angler, Nuclear Pack and Neutrino–have already weaponized the Adobe Flash Player zero day found among the data stolen from Hacking Team.

Exploit Kit Using CSRF to Redirect SOHO Router DNS Settings

French researcher Kafeine has found an exploit kit delivering cross-site request forgery attacks that focus on SOHO routers and changing DNS settings to redirect to malicious sites.

Latest Flash 0Day Under Attack; Possible Ties to Group Behind Angler EK

The third Adobe Flash Player zero day in two weeks is also currently under attack. Researchers at Trustwave found an exploit for it in the HanJuan exploit kit, which could be tied to the group behind the Angler kit.