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Exploit kits and the problem of do-nothing malware

Exploit kits and the problem of do-nothing malware, Exploit-Kits, kits d'exploitation, exploit kit

The first two questions about malware are impossible to quickly answer in regards to exploit kits – and this is more than an IT communication problem.  “What does it do?” is the first question most people have about any new type of malware. That’s logical. Who would NOT want to know about the risks from […]

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DNSChanger Malware is Back! Hijacking Routers to Target Every Connected Device

Next time when you see an advertisement of your favorite pair of shoes on any website, even if it is legitimate, just DO NOT CLICK ON IT.

…Because that advertising could infect you in such a way that not just your system, but every device connected to your network would get affected.

A few days ago, we reported about a new exploit kit, dubbed Stegano, that hides malicious code in the pixels

Malvertising Campaign Hits Top Websites to Spread Ransomware

Hackers are always in search for an elite method to create loopholes in the cyberspace to implement the dark rules in the form of vulnerability exploitation.

Top Trustworthy sites such as The New York Times, BBC, MSN, AOL and many more are on the verge of losing their face value as a malwertized advertisement campaign are looming around the websites, according to SpiderLabs.