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Microsoft Edge's InPrivate Mode Finally Keeps Your Activity Private

Browsing the Web in ‘Private Mode’ is not as private as you think.

Microsoft has patched the Private Browsing Leakage bug in its newest Edge browser with the latest update.

When we talk about Browsers, only one thing which does not strike our mind is Internet Explorer or IE.

Even there were some trolls on Internet Explorer (IE) waving over the social medias such as “The best web

Three reasons to be excited about: Windows 10


Voice recognition has been a major area of development across the industry in the last few years and Microsoft look to continue that momentum with further integration of its voice activated assistant Cortana.

In Windows 10, Cortana will be your go to assistant for finding files and information both on your device and online. The smart technology also allows you to use real language to find what you are looking for or complete tasks.

In this demo video, Cortana is asked to “call Mikey” and understands that it needs to open Skype, search Mikey in the contacts list and place the call. Pretty neat.


Cortana in Windows 10


It’s not hard to imagine how this implementation of Cortana edges us closer to an interactive, responsive and voice activated operating system that intelligently understands our needs.


Project Spartan browser

For those of us not quite ready to make the leap to a voice activated web experience, there is still plenty to be excited about, not least the Project Spartan Browser.

Project Spartan is a brand new browser been built from the ground up with speed and performance in mind. Optimized for the rich media environment of the modern web,  the new browser could very well be a must have for surf addicts.

Check out this video from The Verge.


Project Spartan


Universal Windows Apps

One of the most exciting pieces of news is that Microsoft have unveiled ‘Windows Universal apps’. The idea being that any app purchased through the store will work across every Windows 10 device, from phone, to tablet and PC.

Windows 10

This is not only incredibly convenient for users, it also helps greatly from a security point of view. The centralized app stores operated by Google and Apple for their mobile devices have made a huge difference to the amount of pirated and malicious software available.

The traditional, PC, software market was essentially a free for all with no authority acting as quality control. The shift towards one central app store, will help Microsoft to curb the malware so often distributed online.