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Database of 1.4 Billion Records leaked from World’s Biggest Spam Networks

A database of 1.4 billion email addresses combined with real names, IP addresses, and often physical address has been exposed in what appears to be one the largest data breach of this year.

What’s worrisome? There are high chances that you, or at least someone you know, is affected by this latest data breach.
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Security researcher Chris Vickery of MacKeeper and Steve Ragan of

Recent scams in my spambox

Being a marketing-communications guy, I’m not as geeky about software technology as some at Avira are – my geekiness is more aligned to any communications I see, which includes the ‘voices’ of spammers. I like to dig through my spam folder and analyze the ways that spam/scam writers communicate. Common Viagra or penis-enlargement topics aside, I’m particularly interested in the rhetoric that scammers use to trick people into clicking, thinking the email is legit (even if the email is already in the reader’s spam folder!).

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