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Manipulating WSUS to Own Enterprises

Researchers at Black Hat found a weak spot in some WSUS configurations that could allow an attacker to compromise any server or desktop in an enterprise.

APT Group Gets Selective About Data it Steals

Dell SecureWorks researchers today at Black Hat released a new report on Emissary Panda, or TG-3390, a China-sponsored APT gang that has refined the types of data it covets.

Thunderstrike 2 OS X Firmware Attack Self-Replicates to Peripherals

At Black Hat, researchers are expected to disclose new firmware attacks that work against OS X and self replicated to Thunderbolt peripherals.

Writing Advanced OS X Malware an ‘Elegant’ Solution to Improving Detection

OS X security researcher Patrick Wardle is expected at Black Hat to demonstrate how to write advanced Mac malware, including Gatekeeper and Xprotect bypasses, in hopes of raising awareness to the current state of OS malware detection.