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Android Trojan Targeting Over 420 Banking Apps Worldwide Found On Google Play Store

Do you like watching funny videos online?

I am not kind of a funny person, but I love watching funny videos clips online, and this is one of the best things that people can do in their spare time.

But, beware if you have installed a funny video app from Google Play Store.

A security researcher has discovered a new variant of the infamous Android banking Trojan hiding in apps under different

Location matters … for luxury goods & smartphone apps

Location matters ... for luxury goods and smartphone apps

Location is important when it comes to getting a fashionable wristwatch … and an app for your smartphone. It’s not easy to choose the right store. At the top of every shoppers’ must-visit list is the branded store. Where else can you try on that timepiece in such a beautiful place, under the attentive and […]

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Nasty Android Malware that Infected Millions Returns to Google Play Store

HummingBad – an Android-based malware that infected over 10 million Android devices around the world last year and made its gang an estimated US$300,000 per month at its peak – has made a comeback.

Security researchers have discovered a new variant of the HummingBad malware hiding in more than 20 Android apps on Google Play Store.

The infected apps were already downloaded by over 12 Million

Remotely Exploitable Bug in Truecaller Puts Over 100 Million Users at Risk

Security researchers have discovered a remotely exploitable vulnerability in Called ID app “Truecaller” that could expose personal details of Millions of its users.

Truecaller is a popular service that claims to “search and identify any phone number,” as well as helps users block incoming calls or SMSes from phone numbers categorized as spammers and telemarketers.

The service has mobile

How To Keep Your Android Phone Secure

As the number of threats is on the rise, Android platform is no longer safe, which isn’t a surprise to anyone.

Most of us are usually worried more about the security of our desktops or laptops and forget to think about the consequences our smartphones can make if compromised or stolen.

Unlike desktops, your smartphones and tablets carry all sorts of information from your personal

Apple Could Offer iMessage App for Android

Although Apple has its own operating system for both desktop (Mac OS X) and iPhone (iOS), the company has always tried to port its in-house applications to other OS platforms.

Apple debuted on its rival mobile OS platform last year with the launch of Apple Music on Android. However, iTunes and Safari has already been made available for both Windows as well as Mac.

Now, the company will