Hoverwatch Phone Tracker

Fortunately, supply has met demand, and in the following review of Hoverwatch, I’ll address all the aspects of one of the most beloved phone monitoring services.

What Can Hoverwatch Do?

This is 2017’s best cell phone spy, letting you document all of an Android smartphone’s activities. Although there are some that believe it’s unethical, there are several legal incentives to use this service. The app is particularly useful for:

  • Parents and guardians who are concerned that their kids might stumble onto porn, check out inappropriate websites, or interact with undesirables, either by social media or phone.
  • Company owners who want to regulate how their staff uses their business devices.
  • Anyone who is concerned that their phone might get stolen.

It doesn’t warrant any technical skills, and all you need to begin is your Hoverwatch account and access to the device you want to monitor.

What Are Hoverwatch’s Most Vital Features?

The service provides you with all the necessary features you might require. To list and assess each one, I’d need to make this review double its length. I don’t want to put you to sleep, so I’ll only touch upon the important aspects. To read more about the features that aren’t in this article and to see the app in action, I encourage you to check out Hoverwatch’s website and see how the app can be beneficial to you.

In comparison to other apps that specialize in either social media monitoring or call recording, Hoverwatch provides a complete range of features. You can achieve the following with this convenient app:

Note: The service presents you with access to a dashboard where you can modify monitoring settings and read activity logs.

  • Monitor Phone Location and Detect SIM Card Switches – Ideal to keep your phone protected from being stolen or to see where your staff/children are spending their time.
  • Monitor and Record Phone Calls – Keep your kids protected by viewing who is contacting them.
  • Monitor WhatsApp Calls, Files Shared, Texts, and Facebook Messages – Facebook and WhatsApp are the most used social networks out there. This phone spy provides you with insight on an individual’s activity while they communicate with others.
  • Monitor Browsing History – See if your staff are actually working, and prevent kids from accessing porn sites.

Hoverwatch provides you with an exact location of a monitored mobile device.


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* CVE-2016-8667: dma: divide by zero error in set_next_tick (bz #1384876)
* IPv6 DNS problems in qemu user networking (bz #1401165)
* Fix crash in qxl memslot_get_virt (bz #1405847)
* CVE-2017-5579: serial: fix memory leak in serial exit (bz #1416161)
* spec: Pull in ipxe/vgabios links via -common package (bz #1431403)
* Clean up binfmt.d configuration files (bz #1394859)


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udevd in udev 232, when the Linux kernel 4.8.0 is used, does not properly verify the source of a Netlink message, which allows local users to execute arbitrary commands by leveraging access to the NETLINK_KOBJECT_UEVENT family, and the presence of the /lib/udev/rules.d/50-udev-default.rules file, to provide a crafted REMOVE_CMD value.

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