Samhain File Integrity Checker 4.2.0

Samhain is a file system integrity checker that can be used as a client/server application for centralized monitoring of networked hosts. Databases and configuration files can be stored on the server. Databases, logs, and config files can be signed for tamper resistance. In addition to forwarding reports to the log server via authenticated TCP/IP connections, several other logging facilities (e-mail, console, and syslog) are available. Tested on Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Unixware, Sun and Solaris.

Beltane Web-Based Management For Samhain 1.0.21

Beltane is a web-based central management console for the Samhain file integrity / intrusion detection system. It enables the administrator to browse client messages, acknowledge them, and update centrally stored file signature databases. Beltane requires a Samhain (version 1.6.0 or higher) client/server installation, with file signature databases stored on the central server, and logging to a SQL database enabled.

DSA-3703 bind9 – security update

Tony Finch and Marco Davids reported an assertion failure in BIND, a
DNS server implementation, which causes the server process to
terminate. This denial-of-service vulnerability is related to a
defect in the processing of responses with DNAME records from
authoritative servers and primarily affects recursive resolvers.