Fedora 19 Security Update: mokutil-0.2.0-1.fc19,shim-signed-0.8-2

Resolved Bugs
1148230 – CVE-2014-3675 shim: out-of-bounds memory read flaw in DHCPv6 packet processing
1148231 – CVE-2014-3676 shim: heap-based buffer overflow flaw in IPv6 address parsing
1148232 – CVE-2014-3677 shim: memory corruption flaw when processing Machine Owner Keys (MOKs)<br
This update fixes CVEs CVE-2014-3675, CVE-2014-3676, and CVE-2014-3677, as well as moving to the 0.8 release, which adds support for Aarch64 and fixes several bugs.

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