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WhatsApp to Share Your Data with Facebook — You have 30 Days to Stop It

Nothing comes for Free, as “Free” is just a relative term used by companies to develop a strong user base and then use it for their own benefits.

The same has been done by the secure messaging app WhatsApp, which has now made it crystal clear that the popular messaging service will begin sharing its users’ data with its parent company, Facebook.

However, WhatsApp is offering a partial

Facebook Ads now Tracks you, Even if you don't have an Account

There’s nowhere to hide across the web, especially from the marketing and advertising companies.

If you are paranoid about your privacy, you may get upset to know that Facebook will now track and deliver targeted Ads on other apps and websites for everyone, even if you do not have Facebook accounts.

Until now, Facebook was showing targeted ads only to its users, but now the social networking