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KasperskyOS — Secure Operating System released for IoT and Embedded Systems

Russian cyber security and antivirus vendor Kaspersky Lab has made available the much awaited KasperskyOS, a secure-by-design operating system based on Microkernel architecture which is specially designed for network devices, industrial control systems and the Internet of Things.

The operating system is not made for your average home PC; instead, it is meant to protect industrial systems and

State-Sponsored SCADA Malware targeting European Energy Companies

Security researchers have discovered a new campaign targeting energy companies in Western Europe with a sophisticated malware that almost goes to great lengths in order to remain undetected while targeting energy companies.

Researchers from SentinelOne Labs discovered the malware, which has already infected at least one European energy company, is so sneaky and advanced that it is likely

Irongate — New Stuxnet-like Malware Targets Industrial Control Systems

Security researchers have discovered a sophisticated piece of malware that uses tricks from the Stuxnet sabotage malware and is specifically designed to target industrial control systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Researchers at the security firm FireEye Labs Advanced Reverse Engineering said on Thursday that the malware, dubbed “IRONGATE,” affects

Israeli Electrical Power Grid Suffers Massive Cyber Attack

The country which built a Digital Iron Dome, Israel had undergone one of the largest serious cyber attack this year.

This time, the name of Israel is being popped up in the current headlines is for the massive cyber attack which triggered against the Nation’s Electrical Power Grid.

“Yesterday we identified one of the largest cyber attacks that we have experienced,” Energy Minister Yuval

Hackers Cause World's First Power Outage with Malware

SCADA system has always been an interesting target for cyber crooks, given the success of Stuxnet malware that was developed by the US and Israeli together to sabotage the Iranian nuclear facilities a few years ago, and “Havex” that previously targeted organizations in the energy sector.

Now once again, hackers have used highly destructive malware and infected, at least, three regional