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Delegated Recovery: Facebook gives its security a boost

Facebook boosts up its security systems with Delegated Recovery feature

Traditional 2-factor authentication (2FA) is all about your phone or a physical token. But what happens when you lose your mobile phone or the physical token? Then you’ll have to contact Customer Service and the troubles will start as you work to get account access again. Now there is a new option. Facebook has a smart way to […]

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Joomla Joomla! Two Critical Flaws Discovered — Update to Protect Your Site

Joomla – the world’s second popular open source Content Management System (CMS) software packages, has just released the latest version of its CMS, which includes patches for two critical security vulnerabilities and a bug fix.
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The two critical flaws, both exist in the Joomla Core functionalities, include Account Creation Vulnerability (CVE-2016-8870) and Elevated Privileges